Le nouveau maillot de l’équipe EF Pro Cycling pour le Giro

L’équipe EF Pro Cycling va porter un nouveau maillot sur le Giro. Conçu par Rapha et la marque de skateboard Palace, il a été créé pour que le maillot d’origine ne puisse pas être confondu avec la tunique rose de leader. Ce maillot sera porté seulement sur l’épreuve italienne.

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Giro round 2! Gonna be Ducking awesome!

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Cycling is a sport renowned for its unrivalled beauty, but often blighted by a blind adherence to tradition. From questioning the chaotic calendar to highlighting new heroes within the bunch, it is our aim to disrupt the status quo in the sport we love. And for this season’s unique October @giroditalia, we have designed to disrupt. For a fresh perspective on the sport, we teamed up with a brand that is alien to its aesthetic, oblivious to its origins, and untrained in its traditions. Created in collaboration with @palaceskateboards, this is a kit custom made for the larger-than-life characters of @EFProCycling. It’s a meeting of minds, a combination of cultures, a coming together of cycling and skateboarding. Unveiled in Sicily today, it will soon be raced across Italy, and seen around the world. It will pitch @EFProCycling into the spotlight and, more importantly, put the sport of cycling in front of new fans. Fans who didn’t know they liked cycling, until now

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