Le nouveau vélo Factor de Romain Bardet pour le Tour de France

Factor Bikes a dévoilé le nouveau vélo O2 de Romain Bardet pour le Tour de France 2018. Il s’agit d’une édition limitée : il n’y aura que 200 exemplaires de ce vélo.

(Plusieurs photos sont disponibles en cliquant sur la petite flèche à droite sur l’image)

Introducing the O2 Bardet Limited-Edition. Limited to 200 pieces, the O2 Bardet Limited-Edition was designed in collaboration with the French cycling star with twofold goals of raising funds for Romain Bardet's children's charity and inspiring Bardet with a colourway unique to him. The FACTOR Bardet frame touts unique details close to Bardet's heart throughout its exposed carbon and silver paint. Most notable is Bardet's motto on the toptube, "Take the risk or lose the chance." The leading edge of the frame sports an illustration of Vercingetorix who is a local hero in Bardet's home region of the Auvergne, where Vercingetorix united Gallic people against Julius Caeser and fought back – stopping Caeser advancement. On the downtube is a silhouette of the Puy de Dome, the dormant volcano visible for Bardet's home in Clermont-Ferrand. Finally, the plaque behind the bottom bracket sports Bardet's signature and limited edition build number between 011 and 200. In addition to being available as a chassis, ten Bardet O2 frames will also be available as a complete replica of Romain Bardet’s Tour de France bike, with a parts spec nearly identical to what Bardet will ride in the Tour. The replica bikes will be frame numbers 001 through 010 and in addition to the Dura Ace group, SRM carbon cranks, SRM PC8, and Mavic Cosmic Ultimates, each bike will come with a pair of Mavic Comete Ultimate shoes in a livery to match the frame and a jersey signed by Romain Bardet.

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